Sunday, July 5, 2009


I'm definitely battling against myself lately. Even more than usual.

I went to the doctor on Friday morning for some kind of explanation as to why my low back is killing me, why my stomach is always twisted in knots and why I can't muster up enough energy to maintain any kind of work-out routine.

Nope, I'm not myself. Not in the least bit.

The doctor ruled out a kidney infection which is what I originally self-diagnosed and suggested something along the lines of an autoimmune condition...chronic fatigue, fibrmyalgia, or other type of inflammation. She sent me off with several lab slips and orders to get some rest.

But I'm getting frustrated with resting. I miss my power yoga classes, my reformer sessions and even my always-dreaded spinning classes. I'm starting to feel lethargic, even a bit depressed.
A thirty minute walk shouldn't make me want to go back to bed and sleep for several hours.

This week, I'm going to try my hardest to look at food as medicine and make appropriate choices for the state that I'm in right now. No bread, no wheat, no dairy, no refined sugar, no wine.

In all honesty, I didn't do myself any favors over the weekend. On Friday alone, I drank a Frappuccino that was sweetened with Splenda, and proceeded to chug down not one, not two, but THREE diet 7-ups after that. Throw in a box of macaroni and cheese and way too many handfuls of tortilla chips and there I was...mired in my own self-misery of artificial colors and sweeteners. Yeah, I really know better than that.

But perhaps I don't because here's what happened Saturday: Got up and ate a Zone bar (can you say processed, processed, processed), several slices of deli style ham (there's the P word again), a diet Coke, two glasses of wine, and a slab of Scharffenberger chocolate that was big enough to feed the entire town I grew up in and possibly the neighboring cities, as well. Then at dinner, the choices were halibut, salmon, and steak. I couldn't make up my mind so I had all three.

And I wondered why I didn't feel good this morning? Really?

The good news is that I'm on such a downward spiral right now that it won't take much, in the way of good choices, to see some improvement.

I think, that for my own moral, good food choices are a much better prescription than any that a doctor could write. I'll report in on my progress later this week. Wish me luck.

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