Friday, February 12, 2010


Ben is safe in Italy. Kevin is sending me emails, saying how much he wants me to be in Capri with them. Ugh. I'm happy that Ben is having a good time, eating gelato and pizza and yelling, "Ciao!" to all the vendors on the street. But I don't wish that I was there.

After a bumpy first part of the day and with much support from my clients and my friends, I pulled it together and really attacked all those freakin' files. I stepped in - last minute - and subbed a class at Capital tonight. One of the 'regulars' there said, "You look like you've been crying, Janeen." And damn it if I didn't get weepy again!

The high point of the day was getting the Valentine from my dad. I was seriously shocked; never before have I received anything from my dad with such great sentiment. Normally, if he gets a card, there's some lewd joke or a funny reference to parenting. And I know that his wife didn't pick it out; she just doesn't do that. The cash was nice, too.

My dad and I talked early this morning - at about 6am - and he was attempting to help me through the uncertainty of not hearing from - as he calls them - "the boys." He touched in several times during the day and we talked one last time tonight. I don't remember a time when he sounded so sympathetic and real. As we hung up, he was talking about crafting a snarky reply to Kevin's email response to me...which Kevin had conveniently copied all of my family members on. Anyone feeling a bit 'o guilt???

So it was a bittersweet ending to a wild day.

And speaking of bittersweet, I (mostly) stayed out of the chocolate although there was an incident with the seasame sticks...

Tomorrow, I have double classes to teach and movies to watch and more files to organize. I'm taking to bed with me a vision of Ben - laid out in Heathrow on a bench - with a sleep mask covering his eyes, visions of gelato and pizza dancing in his head...

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