Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I got nothin' tonight.

Or maybe I do:

I took a new Reformer class.
and cleaned out my shoes.
and trained a new client.
and exercised extreme patience with an existing client.
and told another client, "this ain't no Simon sez game; I said, get into a Plank position now!" (she's a friend; I can talk to her that way and not have her walk out on me!).
and had a little mini photo shoot with another instructor (we're aspiring models for a talent scout looking for new "pilates" faces).
and sat through a parent meeting at Ben's school.
and had exactly six minutes to talk to Ben before the calling card ran out, learning that Ben steered the rental car out of a narrow road on the Amafi Coast. I am not kidding.
and scheduled a lunch date with a VERY HOT GUY for tomorrow.
and stressed about what to wear tomorrow.
and am about to kill off any brain cells I have remaining with the final two episodes of Californication.
and boycotted a shower. again. in honor of my friend, Michelle. and Mother Earth.
and that's it.

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