Wednesday, February 17, 2010


To mark the one week anniversary of Ben being away I:

Met a good looking guy for a blind lunch date.
Except that "good looking" is a real stretch. But that's what happens when you post a picture that's ten years old.
And "lunch" happened to be in a casino bar. Because he had clients who needed to be entertained. Asian clients who like to gamble.
And I realized that it's good to meet an executive who heads up 400 people at IBM in a large space. Because of his ego and all.

Lessons learned from today:
Do not drink wine at lunch.
Do not drink two glasses of wine at lunch.
Do not drink two glasses of wine at lunch on an empty stomach.
Do insist on a proper lunch before 3pm. Preferably at a restaurant that's NOT in the casino.
Do sub out a 4:30p cycle class.
Do re-schedule evening clients.
Do call in sick to late yoga class.

My speed dating event was canceled for tomorrow night. I'm kinda bummed. But there may be a lesson in that, as well.

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