Thursday, February 11, 2010


If you read my other blog, you'll know, by now, that I have not heard from Kevin and Ben. Not a word. Not an email. No messages. Nothing.

I am pissed. I am disappointed. I am really worried. I am totally preoccupied.

Nevertheless, I made some sweet and lovely connections today and found glimmers of light through the dark hours of wondering where my son is...

First thing this morning, I jumped in to my entire filing system, separating business, house and tax documents.

I trained five clients.

At lunch, I made a mad dash to Crossroads to help a friend find some skinny jeans. We found four pairs for her and one pair of secondhand Uggs for me. In 40 minutes. Mission well-accomplished!

I saw my neurologist. She had some great recommendations for my migraines.

A friend of mine who is in her 50s invited me to have coffee. She has suffered a lifetime of loss yet she is a brilliant survivor. We got to laughing so hard that the people near us in the coffeehouse looked up and smiled AT us. In my perfect world, I'd introduce my Sacramento 50-ish girlfriend to my Pasadena50-ish girlfriend and we'd all drink wine and I could soak in their wisdom. Someday.

Then I picked up my other mid-50s Sacramento girlfriend and we connected with a former employer of mine and took a really hard yoga class in a really beautiful new studio. I finally mastered side crow pose. It only took 9 years.

Now I'm home, watching the clock and praying.

Today was such a rich day of memorable human connections with people that I cherish.

Tomorrow, back to the filing and maybe the closets, too. And a much delayed yet very welcome check-in from Ben and his dad.

Please, tomorrow...

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