Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today my son went to Italy.

I trained a few clients. I organized a year and a half of photos into albums. I vacuumed and cleaned my car. I taught two classes. I bought a sweater from Nordstrom. I got a pedicure. I ate too much dark chocolate.

My heart was heavy all day, despite being busy. I called a friend on my break to say hello. I got her voice mail. My message came out like this:

"Um, hi. Hey. Ben left this morning (insert sob). He and Kevin left at 9am (start full-blown crying). So, um, I just called to say hi. I have to go now. I didn't think I'd cry this hard."

Then I hung up and I was OK.

Three friends sent me text messages. Two others called. 24 people in yoga class let out a collective, "Ohhhhhhhh" when I announced that Ben had left.

There's a whole lot of support and love in my world, even when Ben's not here. And a whole lot of stuff I still want to get done.

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